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Print data follows certain rules grammars.

Error Code - Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II C User Manual [Page ]

These rules grammars are called printer languages. This machine supports two types of printer languages: a page description language, which is used to create images on a page-by-page basis, and an emulation, which is used to obtain the print results similar to fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 of other printers.


Available fonts Available fonts are the followings: Roman Sans serif User-defined Characters On this machine, you can use user-defined characters. User-defined characters can be stored only in memory.

Cartridges for Fuji Xerox DocuCentre II C4300 Printers

Therefore, they are erased when the machine is switched off. When fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 HDD Kit optional is added to the machine, user-defined characters can be stored on the hard disk, and are not erased even when the machine is switched off. This setting can be made only for cut sheets. For information on how to change parameter values, refer to "Print Mode" P. Page 16 Appendix Parameter Item No. Active Palette 0 Default : Command 1: Panel Page 16 Appendix Horizontal 0 Default : Does not move the hard clip area.

Width units are 0. Can be set in steps of 0.

What is Auto Layout? Page 16 Appendix If there are no IW commands in the data, the active coordinate fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 is determined by Adapted. The area that encompasses all the areas specified by IP commands in the data becomes the active coordinate area.

Microsoft Forms

If there are no IP commands in the data, the active fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 area is determined by Adapted. Page HP-GL2 Emulation The document size is determined by comparing the hard clip area for each paper size, based on the ACA obtained in the scaling mode, paper margins, and area determination mode. Page 16 Appendix In addition, as the ACA area when the paper margin setting is 0 mm is , , and this exceeds A3, but is A2 or smaller, the document size is determined to be A2.

How to Determine Paper Size If the operation panel settings are as fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300, the paper size is determined as below. Page 16 Appendix However, the Auto Layout memory capacity max is kbyte. So, print data larger than kbyte cannot be received. When using the Auto Layout function, we recommend the printer be equipped with a hard disk. Examples of Combinations of Each Function The following are examples showing the print results that can be achieved by combining various functions.

To purchase these options, contact our Customer Support Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300. Product Name Description Side tray Allows you to output paper with its printed face up on a single sided printing machine. Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 Notes And Restrictions Notes and Restrictions Notes and Restrictions This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using the machine. Sent" that appears on the communications confirmation screen, activity report, or transmission report indicates that an e-mail has been delivered to the SMTP server, which was configured on the machine for transmitting e-mail.

The e-mail, however, may not reach its destination for some problem over the Internet. Notes on E-mail Receptions Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 of large size may not be printed due to insufficient memory. In such a case, increase the memory size or ask the sender to lower the resolution.ApeosPort-II C Drivers & Downloads.

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