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Working time does not include; Travelling between home and work Lunch breaks whether paid or unpaid Other breaks whether paid or unpaid Evening classes or day release course Periods of availability Periods of availability Periods of Availability PoA are paid time but do not count towards the 48 average working week or the 60 hour a week maximum. The draft regulations indicate that for time to be categorised as a PoA it should meet the following criteria; A mobile worker must not be required to remain at his workstation but he must be available to answer calls to start work or resume driving on request; and the period and the reasonably foreseeable duration should be known in advance either before departure or just wtd breaks hgv the start of the period in question The EC directive which the Road Transport Working Regulations will implement lists examples of PoAs which include accompanying a vehicle on a ferry or train or periods waiting at frontiers.


There is no individual opt out from the 48 hour average The average working week is calculated over a 4 month a 17 or18 week reference period. The period can be wtd breaks hgv up to 6 months 26 weeks by an agreement negotiated with the RMT.

Employers wtd breaks hgv employees must agree in advance if the relevant reference period will be fixed or rolling and if fixed when the periods should start and end. If there is a failure to agree a default fixed reference period will apply. My forum namesake, aka 'Gemma'.

The TruckNet UK Drivers RoundTable • View topic - WTD - 6 hour rule

You'd have to know your total shift length is going to be less than 8 hours for a 15 min break to be ok? Too often we John F.

Use the downloadable documents and links below for more information on driver hours. What is FTA doing?


Reply Retweet Like. HSE does not however, enforce: time off; rest break entitlements; or paid annual leave entitlements. Drivers who are subject to EU Rules on drivers hours normally have also wtd breaks hgv comply with the rules on working time as laid out in the Road Transport Regulations This includes self-employed drivers, too.

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The WTR rules are:. Many drivers spend some of their time driving under both EU and GB rules. EU rules usually take precedence over GB rules.

Important points to note:. A driver is protected wtd breaks hgv conviction in Court for infringing Wtd breaks hgv Hours Rules if he can prove that, because of unforeseen difficulties, they were unavoidably delayed in finishing a journey. The EU rules also make the following bodies responsible for ensuring that contractually agreed transport time schedules respect the rules on drivers hours:.

Working Time Regulations - Road Transport - rmt

The EU Rules on driving limits and duty limits are suspended where immediate action is needed to avoid:. To help us improve GOV.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Quick Search Keywords. Model Model. It can be challenging to get your head wtd breaks hgv HGV driver hours regulations.


The intricacies of these regulations, can be very difficult to get to grips with. Night Work If a drivers shift enters any part of the period between and Hours, they are wtd breaks hgv as night workers and their working time must not exceed 10 Hours. I was always under the impression and told by a previous employer that to wipe the slate clean with regards to working 6 hours a minimum of 30mins break is required.hours, weekly rest periods for HGV drivers to the working wtd breaks hgv directive rules.

The EU driver's rules and regulations state that only split breaks that show the. The Working Time Directive Please note these rules are not the Drivers Hours Rules. and these are a different set of rules which all HGV and PCV drivers must adhere You cannot work for more than 6 accumulative hours without a break. wtd breaks hgv

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