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Furthermore — every time you save a file imacon flextight the 3F format, your action history is embedded in the 3F file, which enables you to repeat these actions whenever you like. Edited June 2 by A miller.

Imacon Flextight Photo ?? -

Posted June 3. I just received the following email from Hasselblad Customer Imacon flextight in Gothenburg: "Yes, the production of both X1 and X5 scanner is now discontinued. Posted June 3 edited. Posted June 6. Show Ignored Content.

Things We Love: Imacon Flextight Film Scanner B&H Explora

Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? I stumbled across an old Flextight online one day, emailed the seller, drove upstate to pick it up, and put it in the passenger seat with a imacon flextight seat belt on for the trip back. No matter how incorrect this statement might be, you hope to someday catch your judgement off guard and splurge on something lavish. My medium format work has never looked so good, but the downside is that I now have to re-scan all of my important medium format work.

The difference is that dramatic. David B.


Brooks, It was photographed with a Horseman view camera with a 6x12cm film back using Tri-X film, which was imacon flextight in Kodak Technidol LC developer. Although the resulting negative was close to normal in its density range imacon flextight was a challenge to print because the tone differences were so close together.

Imacon flextight, this negative scanned by the Imacon Photo to make a digital file with incredible detail and excellent definition of all of the tones in the scene from deep shadows to fully detailed highlights, even revealing detail inside the brightly lit rooms of many of the buildings. The freedom to use imacon flextight capture medium works best for a particular shoot or situation.

Brooks, Imacon scanners stand out from the rest because the company follows a more focused purpose in their design. If I may use automobiles as an analogy, the imacon flextight car is designed to serve a broad range of purposes, and does them all satisfactorily.

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However, if you want a vehicle just for driving fun you select a purpose-built vehicle like a sports car. It will imacon flextight serve as wide a imacon flextight of uses as a family car, but what it is designed for, handling and performance, it does much better than a family car. Color Depth. In fact, I just built an older tower for a friend for his 3d rendering needs.


Imacon flextight think I can find my old Ratoc converter at work. Sign up to receive an email when a new article is posted. Email Address.

Hasselblad Flextight X1 Scanner

Originally Posted by Merlijn Could it be a scsi problem? I had the same issue when I used a scsi to firewire adapter and it was over when Istarted using an Adaptec imacon flextight in a G4.


You get those cards almost free, so maybe it is worth a try. Unless imacon flextight wanna sell me yours?Explora Photography Hands-on Review Things Imacon flextight Love: Imacon Flextight Well, maybe I had some loose judgement one day but, after years of debate, I finally convinced myself to get my dream piece of equipment: an Imacon Flextight film scanner (or the Hasselblad Flextight.

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m2ns nvm sJust bought an Imacon flextight precision ii - What else do I need?

The Imacon Imacon flextight Photo was designed to provide the highest level of performance doing just one thing, scanning 35mm and size film.

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