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Type: Driver
File Name: bitscope_usb_10786.zip
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Supported systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.X
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It has buffered and compensated analog inputs electrically compatible with standard oscilloscope probes, built-in waveform and clock generators and bitscope usb powerful digital signal processor for post-capture data processing. BitScope Micro's Diagnostic Port provides access to all the analog and digital inputs and waveform and clock outputs. It's conveniently arranged so the two ground pins can pair with the analog inputs, waveform and clock generator outputs or logic inputs L0, L2 and L4. This is a very powerful feature because it means the voltage ranges and switching levels for those two channels can be adjusted to suit almost any logic family, even inverted ones!

BitScope Mini Model 10 World's Smallest Mixed Signal PC Based USB Oscilloscope!

All that's needed is a two pin header to BNC adapter which can be made for a few dollars using standard off-the-shelf components. In addition to the supplied mixed signal clips it means the oscilloscope probes designed for any BitScope can be used. Almost any probe can be used. If you already have them they'll work with BitScope Micro. For example, probes like PRB can be bitscope usb for higher input impedance or to look at voltages higher than 12V.


bitscope usb The standard waveform control panel can generate sinunsoidal, triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms out of the box. The waveform generator in BS05 itself is completely arbitrary; it can replay any wavetable of up to sample bitscope usb programmed into it.

You can use the waveform or clock generators to calibrate oscilloscope probes, drive digital logic or test analog circuits such as amplifiers and signal processing systems. It's a complete USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator and spectrum analyzer all rolled into one! Bitscope usb call it BS It's a problem solver that fits in the palm of your hand.


All you need to prototype new designs are basic electronic components, breadboards and wires bitscope usb sometimes, a Raspberry Pi or Arduino board and some accessories. If you have a spare Raspberry Pi you may not even need a PC!

BitScope Micro - a mixed signal test & measurement system for Raspberry Pi

What bitscope usb won't need are oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, waveform generators, power supplies or spectrum analyzers because that's what BitScope provides via it's Smart Port Interface. BS10 is very fast with a frame rate up to Hz driving a digital phosphor display. Looks like a lot of functionality packed into one device, but I would primarily be interested in the oscilloscope. Does it trigger reliably for single-shot events at a high sampling rate? I have been using BitScope for 6 months on Mac and over that time learned a few nasty bugs.

Supposedly, these are set automatically but should also be user controlled.

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The spectrum analyzer bitscope usb mixed domain; it operates in real-time simultaneously as the waveform is displayed. Most functions can operate concurrently and like BS10BitScope Micro is very fast with a frame rate up to 50 Hz driving a digital phosphor display.

It may be small and very low cost but bitscope usb just like a quality stand-alone mixed signal oscilloscope. View waveforms, plots, spectra and more on its smooth flowing real-time display.

Even live captured logic data can be viewed this way. With its large buffers it can support very high speed one-shot capture for such a small bitscope usb with post-capture zoom, scrolling and measurement. Alternatively stream capture direct to disk for off-line bitscope usb and analysis. In fact subject to its different specifications e. The BitScope DSO software application is included as standard and other options are available for download free of charge. Probe Adapter. Quick Start. Software Guide.


BitScope Pi. BitScope Micro. BitScope Blade. Perfect for designing, bitscope usb and debugging! BitScope Support Board via Trello. BitScope Micro, what's in the box?

With its large buffers bitscope usb can support very high speed one-shot capture for such a small device with post-capture zoom, scrolling and measurement. Alternatively stream capture direct to disk for off-line replay and analysis. Otherwise, register and sign in. Share your story for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign.

BitScope Micro BS05

Benefits include: Story o Raspberry Pi 2 and BitScope Performance. BitScope Connection Ports Explained. BitScope Micro and Oscilloscope Probes.Programmable PC based USB and Ethernet oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and waveform generators for test, bitscope usb and data acquisition using Windows. Just like BS10 this is a fully featured mixed signal test & measurement system, a mixed signal scope in a probe! Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Raspberry Pi.

It's a fully featured mixed signal oscilloscope with analog range and offset controls, comparators, triggers and more.

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