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Type: Driver
File Name: musiland_01_26470.zip
File Size: 26.8 MB
32 (3.56)
Downloads: 21
Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Other
Price: Free* (*Free Registration Required)

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Maurizio Pase. Out Stock - Need? Same digital features as its bigger brothers Ordered and received it in a musiland 01. I musiland 01 tell because I cannot set the DAC to highest internal upsampling which only works with Both sound great — with the edge to KS a bit more dynamic and a touch less veiled.

And both complete bypass Windows native audio processing which can really make a mess of things. Have not had a chance to really play with the latency settings in ASIO to listen for differences. Running ms now with no skipping, noise or latency issues — even on the really large high res files. This can cause long latency musiland 01 and system crashes. Theoretically it is the purest available. They are very close.

As my 12, song collection is mostly in Redbook, this is a huge advantage. The sound is much better then running without upsampling. This has been the case in every DAC I have tried it with. The most notable difference, the sound is much more musical, with better dynamics and greater detail. This is something I have been closely examining for years — since I built my first server in There are other musiland 01 upsamplers out there as well.

And the sound seems to improve even when using DACs with their own built in chip musiland 01 upsampling. It does not do much on musiland 01 k or k hi res files — they sound the same! I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but I can not make it work.

Musiland USB H i F i D U I N O

Before the device was displayed Musiland US 03 [] Now []. Musiland 01 on the image to enlarge. I even sent an email in Chinese Google translate. Absolutely nothing in return. Any advice?

Usually I get a response within a day or two. Finally got it: took 9 days. The person who sent me the key claimed that their musiland 01 email musiland 01 blocked by my Yahoo account. Sounds great via analog. The built-in headphones amp is not bad either good for travel. Better then my old Monitor 01 USD. I have been using the Musiland Mac driver for a couple of months and after the initial problems with firmware issues with my 01USD, 01USD and 02Dragon I finally got the Dragon to work perfectly except that the mulink.


Option is very noisy. The front end used is a MacBook 4gb of ram with western digital external musiland 01 ,FireWire connected and Musiland 01. Both of the 01USD I have never managed to get working.

Musiland 01 MINI

You are the first person I know that got the Mac driver working. Yes I am using a md 11 another underrated Musiland 01 product.

That is the only problem musiland 01 I had excellent results using mulink in a c play system. Has someone experienced the same prob? I couldn't do anything about this but there were other areas I found I could address. Reply September 1, Anonymous. Reply September musiland 01, Hariz Razali.


Reply October 15, Guest. Reply October 17, Anonymous. Reply October 17, Guest. Sold Through. Appears the same error message. Finally Asio with foobar works! If somebody tested this new beta driver please post your impressions.Stereo RCA, mm headphone analog output PLUSE high quality digital power management Support 24bit/kHz digital output. Analog output: Stereo RCA, mm musiland 01. The Musiland Monitor 01 US/USB is capable of musiland 01 up to 24/ digital files via the APU MUchipset and PCM. (from a discussion thread). UPDATE on the Musiland 01 USD ( edition). I just got the usb converter that I settled on and as promised, here.

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