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This signal reports completion errors to the Configuration Space. When an error occurs, the appropriate signal is asserted for one cycle. The LMI access to altera chaining dma registers is intended for debugging, not normal operation.

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The read and write data are always 32 bits. An acknowledge signal is sent back to the Application Layer when altera chaining dma execution is complete. The LMI interface supports two operations: local read and local write.


The timing for these operations complies with the Avalon-MM protocol described in the Avalon Interface Specifications. LMI reads can be issued at any time to obtain the contents of any Configuration Space register. LMI write operations are not recommended for use during normal operation. The Configuration Space registers are written by requests received from the PCI Express link and there may be unintended consequences of conflicting updates from the link and the LMI interface. Address of the register that has been updated. altera chaining dma

The index increments every 8 coreclkout cycle. The index increments every 8 coreclkout cycles.

PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

The index consists of the following 2 fields:. The signal is multiplexed and contains the contents of the Configuration Space registers. The bits have the following meanings:. Master data parity error. Command completed. The hot plug controller completed a command. Records the following 5 primary command status errors:. Altera chaining dma the following 5 secondary command status errors:. To ensure correct values are captured, your Application RTL must include code to force sampling to the middle of this window.


The RTL shown below detects the change of address. This register is only available in Root Port mode. For Altera chaining dma variants, the link bandwidth notification bit is always set to 0.

For Gen2 altera chaining dma, this bit is set to 1. Root control and status register of the PCI Express capability. This register is available only in Root Port mode.

Secondary bus number. Subordinate bus number. The upper altera chaining dma bits of the memory base register of the Type1 Configuration Space. The upper 12 bits of the memory limit register of the Type1 Configuration Space. The upper 44 bits of the prefetchable base registers of the Type1 Configuration Space. The upper 44 bits of the prefetchable limit registers of the Type1 Configuration Space. Available in Root Port mode.

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MSI message control. Refer to the following table for the fields of this register. The Application Layer uses this signal to generate a TLP mapped to the altera chaining dma channel based on the traffic class of the packet. Per-vector masking capable. Per-vector masking can be implemented using Application Layer registers. This field indicates permitted values for MSI signals.

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This field is read by system software to determine the number of requested MSI messages. MSI Enable.

Doing so, may leave an MSI request from altera chaining dma function in the pending state, blocking the MSI requests of other functions. You can use this bus to dynamically modify the value of configuration registers that are read-only at run time. Reconfiguration clock.Overview.


This article details how to instantiate the Stratix V Hard IP for PCI Express design files, as well as modified design files that allow the. What is the difference between 3 types of DMA: Chaining DMA, SGDMA, mSGDMA? What is the Reference Design) and altera chaining dma Altera Wiki.

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