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Type: Driver
File Name: exigo_usb_31777.zip
File Size: 17.6 MB
32 (4.73)
Downloads: 24
Supported systems: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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Precise flow control with active feedback via exigo usb flow sensor optional add-on. Wash mode or programmable perfusion mode constant, ramp, step, sine with reversible flow direction. The Exigo USB charger integrates dedicated intelligence to identify and provide native charger handshakes for 4 connection profiles and 7 families of devices — covering basically every mobile device ever made.


As time went on, additional specifications for mA 2. If a exigo usb draws too much current the results could be as simple as the charger shutting down, or as disastrous as the charger overheating and self destructing. Because the same connector USB is used for all devices, there needed to be a way to indicate to the connected device whether or not it can safely draw higher current.

Print Search. Quote from: Monkeh on September 10,am.

Or exigo usb off the Send with Ack. This section contains information regarding general information displays. General information displays are informative screen displays that appear after a function has been completed. Instruction is exigo usb displayed for the operator on next step or function to be performed. The system is empty from all liquid and prepared to be filled with other liquid or be stored away. No analyze can be performed before the analyzer is refilled with reagents. The system is filled with liquid and is prepared for power off. The system has not been used during the preset display saver time. Once activated, the analyzer is ready to perform an analysis.

Analyzer will exigo usb Standby mode in The analyzer is in the process of going The system is in Standby. Please wait. Once activated, the analyzer to analyzer menu. The system is preparing the analyzer The analyzer is in process of powering The analyzer is in process of powering for analysis mode. If the background down. Every 24 hours the analyzer performs a wash of the system.

1st Kickstarter: Exigo USB Charger, Highest Output on the Market. Feedback welcome! : hwstartups

During wash cycle the analyzer can not be used for performing an analysis. The system has finished the count of cells and displays the results. The analysis cycle in not yet completed, as the system exigo usb needs to perform wash cycle for an accurate next sample result. If sample probe was submerged in next sample by mistake, perform a background count before continuing with the next analysis. Analyzer displays this notice to inform operator that Diluent reagent will soon need to be changed. Analyzer displays this notice to Analyzer displays this notice to inform operator that Lyse reagent will inform exigo usb that Cleaner reagent will soon need to be changed. Analyzer displays this notice when reagent bottle or bottles need to be changed. Not changing reagents at this time could cause erroneous results or possible damage the analyzer.

The system information display describes the situation and instructs the operator on next step or function to resolve issue. The system has been switched off for a long time period.


exigo usb The analyzer has been powered down with all valves open and filled with liquid. Empty and refill the system with reagents, and perform a background count. The system was switched off incorrectly. Perform a exigo usb to prepare the system for analysis.


Check exigo usb for correct analyzer power down procedure.The Exigo H is used for enumeration of white blood cells (WBC);. Connect the analyzer to computer system using either one of the Exigo usb host ports or USB.

The Exigo USB charger is designed from the ground up exigo usb be the best USB charger period. Boasting 3A current capability on all 4 ports and simultaneous.

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