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I would assume the BAR is all zeroes because there was insufficient space to accommodate the additional 4K for it.

Archive:HOW-TO:Set up audio over HDMI on nVidia GeForce/nForce controller

AFAIUI, the kernel assigns only the minimal amount of space to the bridge nforce hdmi audio that is necessary to accomodate the devices below. Hence, if a device is added after the fact below the bridge, there may not be sufficient space available for it. I'd expect the situation to be different if the device is already present on enumeration, as is done by the "header" PCI quirk. Then the bridge window can be sized appropriately.

Sound - Audio not played over HDMI from my xubuntu - Ask Ubuntu

Could you verify that on the machine in question? That would be sufficiently small for a quirk. That way it would be constrained to Optimus laptops, but sadly we'd still expose an audio function if the GPU has no outputs at all. Would that be of any use? Lukas, I previously nforce hdmi audio test your patches due to an acpica bug affecting my machine rendering results useless.

I cant beleive there are not more people out people out ther with the same problem. Email Required, but never shown. Category : Outdated.

Apr 7, Jan 21, This is relevant if you explicitly installed proprietary drivers. Upload or insert images from URL.

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Re: Cause of Y dim screen no backlight. Re: Lenovo Y turns on but has black screen.

Question Using my PC earlier tonight, now having issues with it. May 23, Now I also see the audio function Repeat step 3, remove nforce hdmi audio cable, repeat step 5 now the audio function is gone again! Comment 9 zigarrre UTC Created attachment [details] dmesg recording from a t trying the workaround Comment 10 zigarrre UTC Any updates?

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The hardware setup was tested and confirmed to work as expected with Windows 7 so a hardware cause can be ruled out. I am not using a DM or a DE but bspwm launched via startx nforce hdmi audio the tty.

The output wasn't usable even with this workaround as pulseaudio showed it always as unplugged. On one single attempt it did show as connected and worked ok but even though following procedure exactly and trying many times I was not able to nforce hdmi audio this.


The usage of this workaround also lead to a very unstable system till the next boot. I experienced cpu soft locks multiple times though found no way to reliably reproduce them from which no recovery except hard resetting nforce hdmi audio computer was possible. I could also provide a syslog from boot till shutdown recorded with journald if required.


I went through and maxed out the volume on everything through both the ubuntu graphical interface and through alsa mixer. I had a nforce hdmi audio with earlier versions of ubuntu where the system wouldn't detect the Nforce hdmi audio which caused problems with the system displaying at p, but in newer versions it doesn't have that part of the problem, probably because it doesn't rely solely on the EDID to know what the max tv resolution supports. I tried to figure out why the EDID was failing to get detected back then, but eventually gave up.

I can give it a try again when I get home as well as double check the Nforce hdmi audio switches. I don't nforce hdmi audio there is anything that can be done for me or anyone else with the an-m2hd until the dev's add it in.Download English (U.S.) WHQL drivers for NVIDIA hardware. How Do I Enable or Disable HDMI Audio in Windows If I Am Using an HDMI with your headphones or speakers by switching the HDMI audio to enabled. NVIDIA nForce/Geforce HDMI audio motherboard not working.

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