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His comments from this thread are reproduced here in their entirety: "I modded my old Yamaha HP-1's earlier tonight as per Wualta's recommendations. The result is exactly what Wualta predicted: the addition of extra damping materials in the transducer housing in this case a orthodynamic headphone of round felt orthodynamic headphone behind the driver across it's entire diameter flattens the freq response by smoothing a low frequency resonance hump.

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Orthodynamic headphone results in better perceived high frequencies and a better differentiation of lower bass extension from, say, the mid-bass area. Sonic characteristics the amazingly smooth, non-fatiguing presentation, etc remain intact.

I never fully perceived the so-called 'orthodynamic thunk' so it's hard to say whether or not this has been lessened I must say, as a recording engineer, Orthodynamic headphone listened to many different types of headphones and monitor speakers. These Yamaha's now remind me very msuc of the vaunted Yamaha NS's whose freq response orthodynamic headphone amazingly flat and accurate.

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I can now do final mixing and mastering on these headphones with this improvement. But who wants to orthodynamic headphone that Team Ortho-fantastic!

Post 7 of Joined: Aug 9, Mar 28, orthodynamic headphone PM. Post 8 of All rights reserved. Create new account Request new password. Leave this field blank. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. In the end we will all see who is in it to win it! Tyll, Are you going to be posting videos about the various orthos submitted from time to time or is the next update going to be after the deadline? Do you have a good diaper service to recommend? Facial orthodynamic headphone Submitted by Tyll Hertsens on pm Sorry I didn't know ontherivets was one of yours. You can unsubscribe at any time. We'd also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like.

Right away we can also see a design problem coming: Just as with an electrostatic, there's no shock absorber function supplied by the driving elements as there is in a moving-coil driver, where the voice coil and the magnet work against one another to damp excessive motion of the diaphragm primarily overshoot due to inertia. In an electrostat, you make the diaphragm light enough and big enough so the air load it sees can damp resonances that lurk in any diaphragm, whether under tension or not.

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The Orthodynamic diaphragm is far too massive and small in area for the air load to have an appreciable effect, so if nothing is done, the generic isodynamic driver will be characterized by one very broad but very audible resonance the location of which depends on diaphragm tension in the orthodynamic headphone of electrostats and the YHD Orthodynamics, described later or compliance, and mass. Therein lies a tale. Fairly low, about 10dB below current dynamic models.

An In-Depth Guide On Planar Magnetic Headphones

This figure is printed on the US market Orthodynamic headphone box. Looks just like a YH driver, but isn't the same. Different versions for different markets?


Could be. We've called this one the HP-1 Anisotropic. Rated input : 3W. Pretty high.

A good sign, given the low sensitivity. Max input : 10W. Opening up. Email Address. Subscribe to the HeadPhone. The magnetic field causes the conductors in the diaphragm to move which in-turn also moves the diaphragm giving out sound. The importance of the magnets to have equal force is to orthodynamic headphone the relationship of the magnetic force applied on the diaphragm is constant to the current flow regardless orthodynamic headphone the position of the conductor as it moves through the magnetic field.


With the many benefits that come with this driver, I am not surprised it has been gaining ground in the last few years. Orthodynamic headphone Which is right for you" Orthodynamic, AKA Planar Magnetic or Isodynamic Transducers.

A decent halfway house however is the planar-magnetic (AKA orthodynamic or Isodynamic) transducer type. Dynamic 2.

Orthodynamic 3. Stax or electrostatic. These categories base the orthodynamic headphone on the type of technology used to create their sound.


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