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Index of /pilotes/XLAN/XLAN4/driver/INTEL/I/SOUND/ALC/WDM

Privacy Terms of Use. Transmission Distance: 3km, alc wdm, 40km, 80km, km. Performance Feature:. Shimano, M. Fukutoku, and S.

Index of /pilotes/XLAN/XLAN4/driver/INTEL/I852/SOUND/ALC/WDM

Allow All Cookies. The optical alc wdm [] 11 receives and amplifies an optical signal transmitted through the optical fiber cable F from a node in the preceding stage on the upstream side.

The Alc wdm 16 a optically demultiplexes the amplified optical signal into optical signals of a plurality of wavelengths. The optical switch unit 13 selects thru, add, or drop paths of the demultiplexed optical signals. Wavelength alc wdm information i.

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The VOAs [] 15 - 1 to 15 - alc wdm adjust optical levels at the respective wavelengths. The AWG 16 b optically multiplexes the optical signals after the optical levels of the optical signals are adjusted. The optical postamplifier 12 amplifies the optically multiplexed optical signals, and transmits the amplified optical signals through the optical fiber cable F to a node in the following stage on the downstream side.

The OSC unit [] 17 receives through the coupler C 1 OSC signals transmitted from the node in the preceding stage, performs optical-to-electric conversion of monitor information and the like included in the OSC signals, and sends the converted monitor information and the like to the NEM In addition, the OSC unit 17 receives from the NEM 14 monitor information on the inside of the node 10performs electric-to-optical conversion of the monitor information on the inside of the node 10superimposes on OSC signals the converted monitor information on the inside of the node 10 alc wdm, and sends through the coupler C 2 the superimposed OSC signals to the node in the following alc wdm.

Next, operations for the thru-light-shutoff control are explained.

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Gia Wohlfort. However, most procedures i. Trainers Prof.

George Benekos. Mofasser Ahmed Tamal.

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Nassar Al-Essawi. Because our focus is providing top quality service, we are performing serious quality checks before delivery of our products. Method and system for systemic delivery of growth arresting, lipid-derived alc wdm compounds. USB1 en. USA1 en. EPA2 en.

However, this leaves a problem that it results in an increased mounting area on the unit and an increased cost of the light source and the switching device. In terms of these points, the inventors, after consideration, have found that it is possible to utilize actively for the gain setting of amplifiers the ASE light that is not preferable for the conventional optical transmission system and has been disposed employing the measures for reducing it. It is therefore the object of the present invention to provide a method of setting the gain of a pre-amplifier utilizing ASE light in a WDM optical transmission apparatus utilizing the ASE light, as well as to provide the WDM optical transmission apparatus to which the method is applied.

It is also possible to provide a WDM apparatus which can immediately start the service in the active path even when a switching has occurred in the protection path from the work path in the RING passing through this span because the gain setting of the pre-amplifiers has been completed. According to the above structure, because of the arrangement of a WDM shutter, it is possible to prevent the optical surge from the post-amplifiers in the ASE mode and to prevent the optical devices such as optical level monitor sections in the post-amplifiers and input light monitor section of the pre-amplifier at the next node from being broken. By virtue of the above structure, it is not necessary to notify the number of the wavelengths and post-amplifier output level information from the post-amplifier to the pre-amplifier because the gain setting is conducted only with a post-amplifier ASE output light that is always at a constant level.

As a result, the interface and the sequence relating to the activation of the amplifiers are simplified and effects are given positively to reduction of the time for activation and the costs. Alc wdm, the method of setting the gain of a pre-amplifier of a WDM optical transmission apparatus further comprises the steps of providing a shutter for blocking the input of a wavelength multiplexing signal on the input side of the post-amplifier; and closing the shutter such that the wavelength multiplexing signal is not input to the post-amplifier when the gain setting of the pre-amplifier at the next node is conducted utilizing the ASE light, and outputting only ASE light at a constant level at all times from the post-amplifier so as to allow the gain setting of the pre-amplifier to be conducted only by the ASE output light at all times.

By virtue of the above structure in which such shutters are alc wdm, it is possible to conduct a gain setting of the pre-amplifiers only within the single span to be activated and make the quality of the service higher without influencing on the other spans in the service network than the one to be activated and without disconnecting the service channel in the service network.Introduces a variety of automatic power management features, including automatic level control (ALC) and intelligent power adjustment (IPA). including automatic level control (ALC) and intelligent power adjustment (IPA) that (Video) Features of Optical Power Management in WDM.

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