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Type: Driver
File Name: digi001_12040.zip
File Size: 26.3 MB
56 (3.66)
Downloads: 35
Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
Price: Free* (*Free Registration Required)

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There is not parity between the mac and pc versions. The selection of plug ins for the pc version isn't nearly as good as on the mac side. The only soft synth which currently supports RTAS for windows is sample tank. Also, they use proprietary protocols for digi001 of their stuff: no asio2 drivers or directsound drivers for the pc they say they are working on it. No vst or dx plug ins. This soundcard really underperforms using their direct io to asio driver on the mac side as well latency problems etc.

So, this card is good for two things: pro tools and logic audio which supports direct i. When using pro tools with the its stable, effective, and a good value, I use a mac, and I think digi001 audio is far more intuitive with pt than other programs.

However, no surround sound mixing in the LE version, and no beat detective either. It contains 18 inputs and outputs that can be used simultaneously. There are 16 analog RCA ports, 8 for input and 8 digi001 output. Each port is controlled independently from one another through the software. These are what you're speakers monitors connect to.

Q. Will my Digi 001 work with my new PC?

All of these at bit DVD Quality sound. What really blew us away was that there was more to this box. However, you may run into problems with your operating system. As digi001 new machine is based on a dual-core Pentium-D setup which is a relatively new chipI'm assuming that you're running Microsoft's most recent operating system until Vista takes hold, that is : Windows XP SP2. Otherwise this should be the OS 9 'base' extension set under control panels in extension mgr. You can probably fix it with just a boot in an older ppc with PTs 5.

Even 5. Also set rca spdf to 'other'. Digi001 save project. Close and try it in the MSI mobo.


digi001 The non booting deal is the dsp chip in the card. Sometimes to get it to boot in 0S-9 you have to hold shift key down first let it boot with extensions off as it will freeze in Pro Tools when the DAE is loading. Then flash pram Command, option, p, r, keys hold down after first initial 'chime' then keep holding for two or three more chimes. Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care.

Free International Digi001. Show only see all. Returns Accepted.

Q. Will my Digi work with my new PC?

Completed Items. Sold Items. For use with Windows XP, you'll need to upgrade to v5. You are here Home Sound Advice Q. The DAW market was about to go ballistic, host computers were becoming capable of handling the DSP dirty work and ProTools the aspirational software of choice. Last Name. Not Specified. Suited For see all. Home Recording. Studio Recording. Line RCA. This will need to be adjusted if Pro Tools is sharing the processor with a host-based synthesizer. For this review I used a beige G3 with a MHz processor. Although I had no problem running Digidesign's excellent track tutorial and demo on this machine, I found it wasn't fast enough when I tried to use multiple third-party plug-ins at once, or if I had lots of edits and automation in my projects. G3s and G4s with faster speeds will get the best results.

To get the most out of Pro Tools LE, you'll need to have the right balance between memory allocation and speed. Fortunately, the manuals that come with Digi help you determine digi001, in language that is easy to understand.


Be aware that there is a small incompatibility problem between Digi and the beige G3s. Digidesign is aware of the problem, which is posted on the Digi Web site.I have digi001 Digidesign Digi interface, which I have been using for some digi001. I don't think Digidesign support the systems any more, so any help will be appreciated. The Digi kick-started Digidesign's expansion into the project-studio market, with the cut-down Pro Tools LE.

Hardware: The Digi PCI card has ADAT optical I/O (also bit capable) and digi001 peripheral connector to hook up to your new Digi digi001 interface.

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