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Canon BJC 240 Specs

High-quality spreads with lay-flat technology. Printer Defaults Switch printer off. Serial Number Location - Cream coloured label on the rear of the printer, centre back of sheet feed. To canon bjc-240 dos the current print job, click the Delete Print Job button. If you are printing canon bjc-240 dos documents using Print Manager, the Microsoft Windows Printing System continues to the next print job in the queue and displays the status of that print job. To cancel all prints jobs in the queue, you must use Print Manager for details, see Using the Print Manager later in this chapter. To print the test page, click the Test Printer button.


The printer prints the test page. See the sample test page on page To clean the print head unit, click the Cleaning button. The printer performs the Quick Cleaning, see page for canon bjc-240 dos.

It the Printer Status Window opens automatically for printing, is also closes when printing is complete. Likewise, if the window opens to show an alert, it closes automatically canon bjc-240 dos you correct the problem that triggered the alert.


There is one exception; If you use canon bjc-240 dos keyboard or mouse to interact with the Printer Status Window, the window stays open even after printing is complete. In general, the messages are easy to understand and the solution to the problem is straightforward. Responding to an Information Message Information messages show the condition that will not stop the print job, but that need your attention.

UKT Support - Canon BJC

For on-line help, you can always press Fl or use the Help menu. Responding to Alerts When something interferes with printing or requires your attention before printing can continue, the Printer Status Window automatically opens to its full size to describe what you are to do. Others tell you, for example, to check the printer cable connection. If the Microsoft Windows Printing System detects canon bjc-240 dos than one problem, it will display alerts one after the other.


After fixing the current problem, you will see the next alert, and so on, until you have cleared all alerts and see the canon bjc-240 dos job information. However, if you have interacted with the window, it remains open until you close it.

Messages with Sound The Microsoft Windows Printing System comes with sound files that provide spoken versions of messages you might get while a document is printing. If you installed the sound files and have dynamic two-way communications, the Canon bjc-240 dos Windows Printing System can play these sound messages. You can use the Microsoft Windows Control Panel to turn off individual sounds on or off, as well as change the voice messages to different sounds.

Refer to the following tables, which list the spoken messages, the event that triggers each, and the message's filename. If you did not install sound during a custom installation, the Microsoft Windows Printing System sounds will not be available. However, you can still change the sound events to play other sounds. For details, see your Microsoft Windows documentation. The Print Manager takes care of sending the document to the printer by temporarily storing it on your canon bjc-240 dos disk and adding it to the queue of print jobs waiting to be printed.

As canon bjc-240 dos print job finishes, the Print Manager sends the next one from the queue to your printer. Turning on the Print Manager At any time, choose the Printers icon on the Control Panel to open a dialog box where you can turn the Print Manager on or off. For most printing, leave the Print Manager on.

Canon BJC 240 Specs

Once the application sends a document to the printer, canon bjc-240 dos Print Manager takes over. This frees your application and computer so you can resume work on another task. Printing without the Print Manager can be slightly faster because your application sends canon bjc-240 dos document straight to the printer. However, you will not be able to use your application or computer until the document finishes printing. Though the enhanced Print Manager looks a bit different than the standard version, it works in much the same way.This product is supported exclusively through our web site. Scroll down to see your support options.

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