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NeatWorks Help

neatworks First assumed I could load the same database into the then current version 5. Uninstalled 5. Neatworks got the popup. I copied over the following folders:. Running Neatworks version 5. My system crashed but I had a recent backup of the data on an external drive.

I can't use my NeatReceipts scanner, because there isn't any Windows 10 software that I can find. Exploring the Business Card Organizer Window. The Business Card Organizer is easy to navigate once you become familiar with neatworks various screen areas. Each area is described below. The Contacts Grid allows you to create and manage Contacts. By default, not all columns are displayed in the Contacts Grid. The Contact Information Area displays all contact information for the currently selected contact in the Contacts Grid.

The Contact Image on the left side of the screen displays the image associated with the selected contact. How do I scan a business card? Insert paper into the scanner then: Press the scan button on neatworks scanner.


Click the Scan button on the Quick Scan Center screen. When scanning is complete, the Quick Scan Center will process the image swhich can then neatworks reviewed and filed from within the Inbox. How can I work with contacts? Each time a business card is filed into NeatWorks, a new row is added to the Contacts Grid. You can also manually add a new contact, edit information directly in a row or in the Contact Information areadelete, sort or print contacts, as well as add action items or notes to contacts.

ATPM - Review: NeatReceipts and NeatWorks

Editing Contact Information. Anytime you need to modify contact information, you can do so directly in a cell in the Contacts Grid or the Contact Information area. Your changes will be saved neatworks. To neatworks contact information in the Contacts Grid: 1.


In the Contacts Grid, click in the cell you want to modify. Edit the contact's information as needed. To edit contact information in the Contacts Information Area: 1. In the Contact Information area neatworks at the bottom of this pageclick the field you want to modify. Click the Quick Contact checkbox if you would like this contact to appear in your email contacts list. Adding a Contact without Scanning a Business Card You do not need to scan a business card in order to add a contact to the Contacts Grid. To add a contact without scanning a business card, please do the following: 1.

From the toolbar, choose New. Type the contact's neatworks in the Contact Information area or directly in the Contacts Grid cells. Neatworks new contact will be saved automatically. Deleting a Contact You can always delete a contact if need be.


In the Contacts Neatworks, select the contact s you want to delete. Click the Delete link neatworks the upper right side of the grid. To restore one or more deleted contacts, first view the Deleted Contacts window, then select the contact s and click on Restore. To permanently erase one or more deleted contacts, first view the Deleted Contacts window, then select the contact s and click on Delete. To close the Deleted Contacts window, click on the Close button.

Where Does NeatWorks Store Your Data?

Sorting the Contacts Grid Rows in the Contacts Grid can be sorted by simply clicking on a column heading. The Sort dialog box can be used to sort by more than one column. In the Sort dialog box, select a column heading from the Sort by dropdown list, neatworks then choose subsequent columns from the two Then by dropdown lists.

Neatworks on OK to perform the sort. Printing a Contact NeatWorks allows you to print contacts as necessary.Neat improves productivity and saves neatworks.

Neatworks unique desktop utility allows you to import neatworks or use almost any device to scan directly into Neat. "Our company started using Neat to scan and digitize our company receipts.

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The Neat Company neatworks cloud based software for Small Businesses that neatworks bookkeeping processes such as expense and spend management.

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