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Nikon LS scanner 1/th of a Photographer's Life

Nikon still posts software for it, and it appears that it can scan about a mb file. Noisy Shadows on Nikon Coolscan ls-2000 5 replies.

I haven't used my Coolscan in nearly years. The pure white swach on the grayscale at the bottom of the target is very light relative to the rest of the image. This tends to "fool" scanners' autoexposure settings, producing artificially dark scans, as did the LS This image coolscan ls-2000 shows the effect of the multi-sample scanning capability of the LS on the Q60 target. We were surprised by how far we could push the coolscan ls-2000 gain without losing highlight detail in this slide, where the clouds and sun-baked sand are nearly transparent on the original.

Multi-Sample Scanning Another approach to reducing noise in dark areas of the scan is to take multiple readings for each pixel, and average the results.


Because the noise is random from one measurement to another, its effect tends to average-out over coolscan ls-2000 numbers of measurements. The LS takes advantage of this by providing the option to average multiple measurements, taking either 1, 4, or 16 samples per pixel. In practice, we felt there was little difference between the 1x and 4x, coolscan ls-2000 the 16x seemed to significantly improve noise in the shadows.

Of course, there's a price to coolscan ls-2000, in that the scans take greatly longer, since the LS is essentially scanning the entire image 16 times. Also, it appears that this function applies to the preview coolscan ls-2000 as well, drastically slowing preview scans.


Thus, we recommend turning it off during previews and back on again for the main scan. Despite the inconvenience this introduces to the workflow, and the longer time it takes to perform a coolscan ls-2000 with the function enabled, the results are well worth it for very dark slides: We venture to say that the LS is capable of extracting useful scans from slides that other scanners would be completely incapable of handling.

Full bit per channel output Adobe Photoshop tm versions 4 and 5 and Corel PhotoPaint tm version 8 can coolscan ls-2000 handle images with up to sixteen bits of data in the red, green, and blue color channels. In support of this, the LS can export TIFF files containing the full 12 bits of data per channel captured by the scanner. This option is particularly valuable if you need to make substantial adjustments to tone or color after the scan is captured: By giving the application more data to work with, fairly radical tonal shifts can be made, without the severe "posterizing" of the image that can occur with 8-bit data.


The process is quite straightforward, but not terribly well-documented: After scanning the thumbnail previews, select those needing adjustment, and set the scanning parameters as you normally would. This film is slightly lighter than the over-saturated Kodachrome -- actually more natural -- but has faded just a bit coolscan ls-2000 the years. My last many years with film were spent using Coolscan ls-2000 Proviawhich is probably the best slide film I ever used.

After buying my first digital SLR I haven't shot a single roll. You Are Viewing.

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Latest buying guides. Bill, It's probably only coolscan ls-2000 it if you only need a few scans every now and then. Nikon Film scanners of the Nikon CoolScan brand belong to the most popular and quality devices for scanning negatives and slides.

Nikon LS Slide Scanner?: Pro Digital Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

It is here that the data contained in the final file must be optimized.Nikon Coolscan ls-2000 CoolScan LS Film & Slide Scanner "Drum-scanner quality", plus amazing "Digital ICE" defect-removal. Original Review. Actual test images captured by the Nikon Super CoolScan LS film scanner.

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