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When apcupsd is running in master mode UPSCLASS netmasterand a shutdown condition is determined, apcupsd will notify each of the slaves to perform a shutdown then apcupsd will sleep for 30 seconds before issuing the shutdown of its own computer.

If you need the master to wait additional apcupsd before shutting down to allow for shutdown of slower slaves or of slaves running software that requires more time to shutdown -- e. For multiple UPS monitoring to work, each UPS must be uniquely identifiable and uniquely named on the monitoring computer, separate apcupsd.

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APCUPSD User Manual

Total runtime is primarily based on two factors, battery capacity and UPS load. UPS load apcupsd runtime on battery are inversely proportional: as load increases, battery runtime decreases and vice versa. When utility power is lost, the UPS begins discharging the battery in order to support the attached load. Once power returns, the Smart-UPS will automatically begin to recharge its battery. It is unnecessary to subject a battery bank to an excessively long calibration. Remove battery packs or increase the load space heaters are good dummy loads to obtain a reasonable time length for the calibration under an hour apcupsd possible.

Apcupsd - Debian Wiki

After this run time has apcupsd completed, the original Estimated Run Apcupsd is compared with the actual run time. It will then increase or decrease this value to correspond to the new run time achieved. If, at any time during the discharge, one of the following rules is violated the calibration will be aborted or corrupted:.


In some cases none of the battery runtime calibration methods result in the UPS reporting a reasonably correct battery runtime. It has been speculated that this is because the battery constant value has drifted so far from normal that the microprocessor in the UPS cannot correct it. The good news is that if you are located in the USA, apcupsd you have to do is contact APC Technical Support and they will send you a serial port dongle which plugs into the serial port of your UPS and reprograms the battery constant value for you to the correct value.

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The bad news is that for many users outside the USA, this service does not appear to be apcupsd. It is, however, recommended that you first try contacting APC Technical Support to verify the correct battery constant value. Caveat Utilitor! The battery constant is the hex number in the column labelled "0", presumably for register 0, in the following table:.

It was nothing more nor less than a form of customer control. Scrambling the leads on its serial cables was a cheap way to accomplish this -- in fact, they tended to be apcupsd so that if you tried a straight-through cable, opening a serial link to the UPS would apcupsd interpreted as a shutdown command!

Hardware companies often think like this -- they lock up interfaces by instinct, cornering a small market rather than growing a bigger one. It's fundamentally stupid and self-defeating, but it's the kind apcupsd stupid that tends to sound good at an executive meeting.


You will need to know the corresponding APC model number. See apcupsd installation and configurations sections of this document for apcupsd details.

"Lost Communication" error w/ APCUPSD - General Support - Unraid

On slower systems, the percentage will increase proportionally apcupsd the decrease in the CPU speed. This is higher than for Unix systems.


Apcupsd test apcupsd, I unplugged the UPS to simulate a power outage. After the machine went into the shutdown process I plugged the UPS back into the commercial power source.

This caused the apcupsd process to hang after the daemon tried to shut-off the ups.Installer is now compliant with SIP (aka “rootless”) requirements. apcupsd executables are installed into /usr/local/sbin instead of /sbin. Config files and scripts. Important Legal Disclaimer; How To Use This Apcupsd Basic User's Guide.

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