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Type: Driver
File Name: presonus_firestation_31906.zip
File Size: 11.1 MB
56 (4.89)
Downloads: 34
Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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I honestly believe 10ms was closer to 20ms, having done 10ms with other cards now. Its a damn shame that mLan didn't become ubiquitous because I hear your pain on the cords. No outboard gear. All synths, reverbs, guitar modeling I love Trash from Izotope in real time, in software. Just send presonus firestation mlan output to the house speakers and monitors.


No wires, no gear but your axes and mics Goodnight, thanks for coming!! Eric P.


I'm not brave enough to play out with this new rig, but my confidence is growing. Was reading the thread for Presonus firestation mlan Firestation users and have a question. When people mention 10 ms latency within the mlan drivers are they referring to it's ability to have zero latency monitoring or the fact that a midi keyboard triggers it's note 10 ms later than it is played?

Presonus FIREstation comments?

But as it meets my needs and it can be used stand alone, it can be used again when I change my configuration. The number of well enough, pramplis lamps, the simplicity of use. For live electronica, improvisation and composition in presonus firestation mlan group. Je with Sennheiser HD so you can easily hear the slightest sound and that this interface breaks records clean. No need to prampli and so it's nothing to say.

PreSonus Firestation (Original) MLAN Standard Finish

Most often I record my bass, my guitar or other instruments, like a piano or a drum line, and many other things and I presonus firestation mlan short dcus t in terms of dynamic and spectrum. If you buy this card especially bought a firewire card with a quip NEC chipset. See topic here.

So I had to reinstall my PC because of this damn silent installation permanent. See the bottom of this page for an intro to presonus firestation mlan terminology and trends. Sort by clicking a header.

Filter by selecting a port. No presonus firestation mlan accepted. Sorry for all the bold, just want to be clear, as this is a unit I was unable to use due to these facts. However, if this is the unit you are looking to replace, you are in luck. Ntrack can also work in WDM mode I have tried switching the mLan control panel to WDM mode and nTrack does detect it in its audio device setup I am wondering if something got messed up in loadeing the ASIO drivers It's too late to call tech support so I will have to try tomorrow.

Thanks again sg.Any mLAN compatible keyboard such as the Yamaha Motif or Korg Triton Studio can be seamlessly patched into the FireWire ports of the FIREstation to presonus firestation mlan. FIREstation Quick Start Guide Mac OS 9.x and OSX - EN. KB PDF. English. Misc.

PreSonus FIREstation is Mac OS X-Compatible - Mixonline

Documents. mLAN Windows XP v In-Depth Setup Guide - EN. MB.

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