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C3g pentode/triode

Only 1 left! Let nobody fool you. Take a normal Cathode resistor stage, and use this table. More details in the official Telefunken data sheet. Go od applications for these tubes are:. From the fact they both exist, you can see they both have their justification. So don't ask which one is "better". Same as with ECC81, 82, 83, there is c3g c3g pentode c3m. Yamamoto A09 amplifier with C3m Metal cap removed by Yamamoto. In pentode mode, C3m has distortion figures compared with E80CC, but at much higher gain.

Data sheets. C3g Lorenz.

Some boxes have Date code Order Nr: Hi Simon What are your plans to achieve DC coupling? A very large bypassed resistor in c3g pentode cathode of the R's?

Maybe a dual stacked supply? Maybe a dual c3g pentode supply? Cheers, Erik. Ask SY! I ended up changing the LED to minimise distortion:.


My main "excuse" is c3g pentode The only problems are the 20V heaters and the Loctal sockets I have the sockets luckily enough which will require quite some mechanical changes. Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today.

C3G OTL headphone amplifier (DIY) Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

We arrange highly accurate analog power supply independently on the left and right c3g pentode, and are making it clean. From there, it produces a sound like a clear stream of the Alps.

Rectifiers c3g pentode contacts used for general power supply are sources of noise. Since the was running unbypassed, the output resistance is higher than you might have planned for. The load on that circuit neglecting the 1 meg is 8.

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C3g pentode this leads to dynamic or transient clipping as was pointed out. As soon as you clip, the 4. I don't believe in a generic sound within reason. Things tend to work when you use them right.


C3g pentode use a pentode, D3a, in my phono. I like it But then I don't know anything about the C3G. It is probably not the most neutral amp around but always fun to listen to on all kinds of music.

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To get more information contact me c3g pentode webmaster audiodesignguide. The operation point of the C3g has been the result of many measurement with the C3g pentode system by Audiomatica. Data sheets. C3g Lorenz. Some boxes have Date code Order Nr: C3m C3o is a C3m with 6. C3g-S New C3g New.Cheers, Ale. Vote Up0Vote Down Reply. 6 years ago.

Dimitri Wolfwood. Guest.

C3g pentode/triode – Bartola® Valves

Dimitri Wolfwood. The C3g is an amazing tube. I use them to make microphones.

Linearity of C3G looks excellent both as triode and as pentode (judging from loadlines: pentode at 19mA c3g pentode V / -1,5V / 10K plate resistor).

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