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Depending on the used drivers to control the transceivers e. The wake-up reason has to be detected and stored during the execution of the driver initialization, too. Use Case: Atomic transition to other operation mode; easier and better abstraction for higher layers like the ECU state manager or ComManager. Improved testability compared to asynchronous handling. The Autosar flexray Transceiver Driver shall be able to store the local view "who has requested the wake-up: bus or internally".

Bus: The bus has caused the wake-up. Internally: The wake-up has been caused by an internal autosar flexray to the driver. Sleep: The transceiver is in operation mode autosar flexray and no wake-up has been occurred. Wake pin: An edge on the wake pin of the transceiver if present has caused the wakeup. The wake-up reason should be "sleep" when the operation mode is not Normal and no wake-up has been occurred.

Semiconductor Engineering - AUTOSAR And FlexRay

When a wake-up has occurred, the API must always return the first detected wake-up reason e. After leaving the operation mode Normal, the wake-up autosar flexray shall be set to "sleep" again.


Rationale: Detection of wake-up reason during development and via diagnostic command. The notification is executed in the autosar flexray of the caller may be interrupt context!

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Due to the delay from wake- up detection till the start of the necessary actions have a large influence to the startup time of an ECU, this event shall be processed internally and transferred immediately via this notification to the next layer. In case of interrupt it is very fast but data consistency issues must be covered in all layers, in case of polling data consistency issues autosar flexray reduced but reaction time may be to slow.


Rationale: Support wake-up by FlexRay Transceiver devices. Further handling depends on current ECU state. The assigned port interrupt will be executed and this handler is called. Now, the FlexRay Autosar flexray Driver will store the wake-up reason and give the call via this notification to e. Type: Valid Description: Wake-up by bus is always asynchronous to the internal transition to sleep. You have disabled JavaScript for your browser. Please allow JavaScript to use this website. Vector Informatik India Pvt. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland.

It is autosar flexray smallest instance in the dynamic segment allotted to a node for communicating on the bus. Much of what you have acquired by E-Learning will be revisited in the workshop, and this reinforces what you have already learned. Tools and software modules from a single source Professional trainings on technology and tools Mature products Reliable FlexRay basic software Maintenance contracts with automatic updates Competent tool support hotline Excellent online and offline documentation. Simulation, Analysis, Testing. Understanding evolving functional safety goals is difficult. It is local to the node.

It is also ideal for those planning to participate in the FlexRay workshop of the VectorAcademy. It lets you learn about the basic properties of data communication in a FlexRay network in advance of the workshop. autosar flexray

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This not only simplifies your entry into the workshop. Rationale: The purpose of the FlexRay Driver is to carry out data processing that has been configured at system configuration time, i. Rationale: The initialization of the low-level parameters is necessary to communicate on the bus with autosar flexray FlexRay Controller.

Use Case: Initialization of the FlexRay communication autosar flexray. The FlexRay Driver shall observe the restrictions set forth in the FlexRay Protocol Specification concerning reception of a wake-up pattern or a Frame header during own wake-up pattern sending attempts. This section includes all the FlexRay-specific status information needed by the upper- layer Software e. Use Case: A distributed control might only be started once the communication via the FlexRay bus in possible.In order to obtain a working AUTOSAR communication stack with FlexRay, the FlexRay Interface module was developed according to.

Document Title. Specification of FlexRay. AUTOSAR Transport Layer. Document Owner. AUTOSAR. Document Responsibility. AUTOSAR.

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