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Hardware Setup Page 8: Chapter 1. Getting Started Getting Started Chapter 1.

X ATX mainboard. The MS v1. The data on the msi ms-7058 audio drive may be different from the source drive. Create and duplicate lets BIOS copy the data from the source to the mirroring drive. After array mode is selected, there are two methods to create a disk array.

Auto Setup allows BIOS to select the disk drives and create arrays automatically, msi ms-7058 audio it does not duplicate the mirroring drives even if the user selected Create and duplicate for RAID 1. It is recommended all disk msi ms-7058 audio are new ones when wanting to create an array. Select Disk Drives lets the user select the array drives by their requirements.


When using Select Disk Drives, the channel column will be activated. If user selects a RAID 0 array in step 2, the block size of the array can also be selected. The block size msi ms-7058 audio be 4KB to 64KB. Even though 64KB is the recommended setting for most users, you should choose the block size value which is best suited to your specific RAID usage model. A warning message will appear, Press Y to finish the creation, or press N to cancel the creation. Important note: All existing content in msi ms-7058 audio hard drive will be destroyed after array creation. To delete a RAID, use the following steps: 1.

MSI P Combo - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - iP Specs - CNET

The channel column will be activated. A warning message will show up, press Y to delete or press N to cancel. Deleting a disk array will destroy all the data on the disk array except RAID 1 arrays. When a RAID is deleted, the data on these two hard disk drives will be msi ms-7058 audio and become two normal disk drives.

MSI 915P Combo - motherboard - ATX - LGA775 Socket - i915P Specs

Create and Delete Spare Hard Drive If a RAID 1 array is created and there are drives that do not belong to other arrays, the one that has a capacity which is equal to or greater than the array capacity can be selected as a spare drive for the RAID 1 msi ms-7058 audio. The spare drive cannot be accessed in an OS. Select Boot Array User msi ms-7058 audio select a disk array as boot device if user wants to boot operating system from an array.


Boot disk array cannot be selected if the operating system does not boot from the disk array. Use arrow key to select a drive, the selected drives serial number can be viewed in the last column. The serial number is assigned by the disk drive manufacturer. Msi ms-7058 audio the F1 key to show the array status on the lower screen. If there are no disk arrays then nothing will be displayed on the screen. If user selects Continue to boot, it will enable duplicating the array after booting into OS.


If BIOS detects any disk drive failures or missing disk drives, the status of the array will be marked as broken. If BIOS detects a broken RAID 1 array msi ms-7058 audio there is a spare hard drive available for rebuilding the broken array, the spare hard drive will automatically become the mirroring drive. Continue to boot will enable duplicating the array after booting into operating system. Power off and Check the Failed Drive: This item turns off the computer and replaces the failed hard drive with a good one. If your computer does not support APM, you must turn off your computer manually. After replacing the hard drive, boot into BIOS and select Choose replacement drive and rebuild to rebuild the broken array. Destroy the Mirroring Msi ms-7058 audio This item cancels the data mirroring relationship of the broken array.

For broken RAID 1 arrays, the data on the surviving disk will remain after the destroy operation. However, Destroy the Mirroring Relationship is not recommend because the data on the remaining disk will be lost when the hard drive is used to create another RAID 1 array. Choose Replacement Drive and Rebuild: This item enables users to select an already-connected hard drive to rebuild the broken array.

After choosing a hard drive, the channel column will be activated. Press Y to use that hard drive to rebuild, or press N to msi ms-7058 audio. Installed Qty.

Audio Compliant Standards. AC '97, High Definition Audio.


AC '97, High Definition Audio. Miscellaneous Product Type. Interface Provided Qty. Bboosters Xeon Phi will be available in versions with 57, 60 and 61 core.Using Windows 7 x86 (32) SP1. Motherboard MS (P combo) The mobo can deal with it just fine except msi ms-7058 audio Audio - no proper driver. Add "Onboard Audio Mode" iteam in Msi ms-7058 audio setup for AC97 front audio.

MSI MS-7058, LGA 775/Sockel T, Intel Motherboard

Version. Release Date. Description. - Fixed "Clear ESCD" function can.

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