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The tmaplot program generates a GPR graphics window in which graphical output is produced.

Multi- ple graphics images are retained. Please try again shortly.

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Complementary Content. Use the arc absolute instruction, AA, to specify the center point in absolute coordinates.

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Use hp7550 monitor arc relative instruction, AR, to specify the center point in relative coordinates. The parameters are interpreted as described in the following para- graphs and illustrations. These param— eters specify the center of the arc in plotter units if scaling is off, or in user units if scaling is on. If user units are not the same size in the X— and Y—directions, distorted arcs will be drawn. The center of the are is the center of the circle that would be drawn if the arc were degrees. Refer to the following illustration. Arc Angle. The are angle is the angle through which the arc is drawn. A positive angle draws counterclockwise from the current pen position, and a negative angle draws clockwise, as shown on the following hp7550 monitor.

The Sign of this parameter hp7550 monitor ignored. The default chord tolerance is 5 degrees. As discussed under the CI and CT instructions, increasing the number of chords by hp7550 monitor the chord tolerance parameter generates a smoother arc. After the arc has been drawn, the pen position will remain at the end of the arc, rather than returning to the beginning. The are center can be located on or off the plotting surface. Remember that AR moves add to the present pen position.


If cumulative moves result in a pen position that exceeds the range of to —1, the plotter enters the lost mode. Hp7550 monitor following table summarizes the possible error conditions or unex- pected results that you might observe with the AA and AR instructions. Example — Using the AA Instruction The following instructions illustrate the effects of changing the dis- tance to the center point while keeping the same are angle. They also show the effect of changing the sign of the angle.

Note that the pen remains down at the end of each are, so you must lift the pen with the PU instruction in order to move hp7550 monitor the beginning of the next are without drawing a line. Note that the PD instruction is required to draw the arcs. The next instructions show the effects of changing both the relative centers of the arcs, and the signs of the angles. Polygons instruction, and you omit parameters, the plotter uses the parameter values from the previous PT instruction. The following paragraphs list further details of each parameter. Fill Type. If scaling is on and the units on the X- and Y—axes are not equal in size, the spacing parameter is interpreted using the units along the X—axis. A parameter of 0 causes the plotter to use this default spacing.

Hp Monitor

The angle is hp7550 monitor counterclockwise from the positive direction of the X-axis as shown below 0 and are horizontal; 90 and are vertical. The cross-hatched lines are then drawn at that angle plus 90 degrees.

The positive line type produces an alternating pattern that can often be quite attractive. This concept is shown below, and further illustrated in the example hp7550 monitor the end of this section.


I You can specify up to 20 parameters in one UF instruction. Each parameter must be a positive integer. You may include parameters equal to zero 0but the sum of the parameters must be greater than zero. Polygons Lines are drawn using the current pen and line type. The following table summarizes the possible error conditions or un— expected results that you might observe with the UF instruction. The following program lines illustrate this effect.HP V - Hp7550 monitor monitor - 17" overview hp7550 monitor full product specs on CNET.

Product description. Compaq v 17" Monitor. An advanced, affordable flat- faced inch CRT monitor for mainstream business users.

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