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Use DNA A211 I as Wireless router using Get Net Broadband

Plz HELP!!!! Results 1 to 12 of Join Now. Sold Out This product is currently out of stock. TP-link and netgear are the brands Bsnl dna-a211-1 modem trust. Tintin New Member Jul 3, I would want a modem with built in Wifi router.

Tikona Broadband Forum • View topic - Need help to configure Tikona with BSNL DNA-A WiFi

Once in a blue moon, I do connect to an AP I had written off as not connectable. Much of the syslog is verbose, about 50 lines for an attempt to connect. Much is concerned with the unused IPv6. Many questions like this have no great information. Here's a bit of help in bsnl dna-a211-1 modem information:.

  • Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router
  • Modem Configuration for ITI DNA-AI (Type-4) - BSNL Broadband Solutions
  • Alternatives To Bsnl Adsl Router Dna-a211-i
  • Gathering the Information
  • Configuring BSNL DNA-A211 ITI router/modem to automatically connect

A wireless connection generally generates at least lines. Another log is dmesg, the kernel ring buffer. When I am connected and browsing internet, i can access When i am not connected it does not ping. My problem is that I cannot access internet from my laptop where as I can connect from my desktop computer easily. When I try to connect from my laptop, the IP address generated is bsnl dna-a211-1 modem I tried repairing connection, did all troubleshooting methods that I got during hours of googling. Anyway there is no change. I dont have any idea what the problem is.

My friend suggested that the Bsnl dna-a211-1 modem modem stores the MAC address of my desktop computer in it and hence there is address mismatch when i try to connect from my laptop. Is it so?

How to solve this? It would be much appriciated if u could post the solution once u have it. Thanks bsnl dna-a211-1 modem advance. Unni it seems that the DHCP bsnl dna-a211-1 modem option is not enabled in your modem therefore you are not getting it right on your laptop. Change the LAN setting manually in your laptop i presume that will do the trick. Shank, it worked!!!

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Thanks a lot, my dear friend. But one more doubt- In the status window the IP is shown as So my doubt is that will I be able to connect always using this IP? Please answer my question eventhough u bsnl dna-a211-1 modem its a blunder… Thank you.


Shank, it worked! I have one more doubt- can I connect to Internet always using this configuration? Thank bsnl dna-a211-1 modem. I cant understand why people not well conversant bsnl dna-a211-1 modem tweaking electronic devices do so and blame the service provider and most of the time in deference to the private operator. I am very happy with the PSU and would recommend all.

I bsnl dna-a211-1 modem for the service still I think I need to talk in favour of the the Co which is doing so much specially coverage as against nil from the private operators. Take screen shots of your modem settings for future use. Have a nice day.To set up the BSNL WiFi ITI DNA-A, connect to the modem/router through Wired Ethernet and type in the address bar.

I have BSNL wifi router/modem ITI DNA-A but I can't find a way to have all my devices bsnl dna-a211-1 modem to it at the same time. This document, titled. Configuring BSNL DNA-A ITI router/modem to automatically connect 1.


Connect to the modem/router through Wired Ethernet and enter.

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