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As well as recording samples into the ES's sequencer, you can also use them as the basis for custom instrumental multisampled waveforms. You start with a sample, then this is assigned to a motif es7 of notes and velocities, if desired that play it on the keyboard, becoming a Keybank in the process. Several Keybanks arranged together as a related multisample become a Waveform, which in turn can be used at the heart of an Element in a Motif ES Voice.

Yamaha MOTIF ES7 Keyboard Synthesizer for sale online eBay

This screen doesn't make it clear, but all Voices, including the six banks of factory presets, are loaded into the editor. The Motif ES's interfacing is quite comprehensive, but as noted elsewhere in the review, changes have been made that result in some small disappointments. However, there was one neat thing about connecting the original Motif to a computer: the link allowed the computer to see SCSI drives and Smart Media cards connected to the Motif, and Yamaha's File Utility software also supplied with the S90 allowed data to be transferred to and fro. The ES is less straightforward in this respect. More worryingly, File Utility isn't included in the ES's software bundle, motif es7 it's not clear if a computer will be able to talk to a Smart Media card inserted into the ES!

It seems not.


Motif es7, if you have an Smart Media card reader attached to, or built into, your computer, simply moving the card between synth and computer will allow you to move samples and other data easily. But that's yet another expense for the new Motif ES owner. Epic Deals!


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Manufacturer photo. Only valid at AltoMusic. One-time use. Besides, the K and Motif ES motif es7 rather different characters, with the former having Kurzweil's signature flat some might say presence-bumped sound and the Yamaha having to my ears slightly scooped mids and a bit more production fairy dust on the overall sound.

The two together complemented each other nicely, and with motif es7 plus the dedicated organ, there was no gig I couldn't do. Fast shipping with reputable couriers. Pay the rest on collection.

Yamaha MOTIF ES7 Review

No delivery charges. This item has been successfully added to your list. Modular Synthesizer Pro Audio Motif es7. Additional Product Features Power Supply.


Page : 1. October Archived from the original on 23 March These instruments are designed for serious music production. It's an evolution of the concept developed in the EX5 and EX7 forerunners to the Motif familywhich put multiple synthesis engines under one roof. They were motif es7 bit too early and plagued by performance issues owing to the fact that the processing power available at the time wasn't up to the tasks Yamaha envisioned, at least not if they were going to hit a price point anyone would touch. Around I was looking to add to the live rig I used with various "wedding band" cover outfits, which at the time was a Kurzweil K and Roland VK-7 "clonewheel" organ. I also wanted something that could be the nerve center of my home studio, motif es7 built around a "Quicksilver" Mac dual G4 and an Ikea Jerker desk along one wall of my literal studio apartment.

Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs.

Yamaha Motif ES

I promise to use it only to send you Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!. Most of the eight choices here are club-oriented: Distortion, ring mod, motif es7.

How does it all sound, you ask, especially the reverbs? In Use I took the ES to two live gigs with different bands. motif es7

Area 51, a disco-funk salad bar, requires every sound one would normally demand of a keyboard. Sign In Sign Up. Hence, ES offers voice polyphony more than double that of the originalredesigned effects and EQ, even more pattern-generation capability from the arpeggiator, and an operating system that seems generally smoother and faster. More fundamentally, perhaps, there is also a new synth engine. Subjectively, the filters seem to me to have a more 'analogue' feel — more than the average sample-based synth — and the EGs are very responsive. Many motif es7 specialised, performance-based samples for example, guitar string squeaks and harmonics which are combined in the factory presets to provide voices that produce many of the signature effects of the instruments being simulated more on this later.When we reviewed Yamaha's original Motif workstation in the Valid gripes, all, and from the looks of the recently-released Motif ES, Yamaha.

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