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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Question Microsoft Trackball explorer 1.0 Keyboard Issues. Aug 7, Aug 2, Jul 25, What are some advantages of using a trackball instead of a mouse?


What is the trackball used for? It is not better than. Want to add to the discussion? Best trackball Sad they stopped making these, my original died after sixteen years, and this replacement trackball explorer 1.0 in perfect condition. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. You should be able to peel off the rubber feet on the bottom of the MTE and unscrew the hidden screws to get the top half of the shell to part from the bottom.

From there you trackball explorer 1.0 be able to get a better view of why those buttons don't work. Now, I'd actually been beating on my MTE so much during gaming back in the day that the plastic nub on the plastic button piece had dug into the plastic of the switch, creating a divot that caused the switch not to depress all the way. This is possible, though seems unlikely on the less-used right-side buttons.

If that's the case though, I'd recommend putting a dab of superglue on the nub on the plastic button and then filing it down again so that it properly activates the switch. Trackball explorer 1.0 wouldn't recommend trying to repair the switch with glue. A lot of this probably won't make any sense until you take your MTE apart. I'll probably be making another MTE post soon as mine is starting to act up again, the ball bearings are just about completely worn off, and my USB cable is damaged and needs respliced.

The things we do for our MTEs! Thanks for this blog.

A little bit tricky to open the case, but with your photos and trail blazing efforts here, I summoned the courage. Thanks again.

I didnt have a small enough drill bit, so I ended up using a very large leather sewing needle, and a drill with a trackball explorer 1.0 that could tighten to the needle. This was enough to push the original bearings out from the back side of the plastic, and not create a bigger hole. I was experiencing sluggish performance with the trackball and thought the bearings might be seized. I was looking around for suggestions on how to safely lubricate the bearings and ran across this suggestion. I know it's kind of gross but it worked like a charm. If you can land one, do it.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

This is the best gaming input device in the world. This is a classic, and should be revived. I have had one for almost 20 years and I still use it! After reading what he does, I figured I would try it myself. The only thing I can't currently do is replace the bearings, but I could trackball explorer 1.0 try to figure out what was going on with the scroll wheel and the right mouse. So I got busy and got it open. It was surprising inside, with sections of circuit board attached to the ball socket at crazy angles, wired to one another with small ribbon cables Note: bad picture in retrospect, I have the most important part obscured by the top of the trackball enclosure on the left.

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After carefully extricating everything, I found my problem: a piece of plastic had snapped, causing the switch for the right mouse button to jam and breaking off where the scroll wheel was held one end of its axis. You're looking at the scroll wheel, viewed from underneath the edge resting on the table is the part that actually extends out of the device. Picture everything above the scroll wheel at the top of the picture snapped off completely. I used super glue and put it back together, moving the ribbon cable back out of the way trackball explorer 1.0 it doesn't appear to be at this angle. Directly above the scroll wheel, you'll notice a piece of clear plastic. Part of the original grey plastic was lost when it snapped apart no idea how the piece got out of the trackball so there wasn't anything to brace the assembly where the scroll wheel is attached.

A couple hard clicks during a frustrating game and I could see the whole thing snapping off again. I glued it in place and the result was very solid construction with virtually no give when I pressed hard on the assembly. I spent a good time cleaning the interior of the trackball it really was disgusting, these pictures are after I did that and put the whole thing back together. The result is perfect, my right mouse button is back, the scroll wheel is back to spinning steadily, and a good polish of the trackball explorer 1.0 had it gliding smoothly again. Some day I'll have to find a way to replace the bearings when they finally wear down, which looks like it'll happen within a year or two.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer Specs & Prices - CNET

If this happens, the ball will begin to actually touch the inside of the socket and experience a lot of friction. If I can't fix the bearings when they go, I'll have to find something to replace my Explorer, and I've yet to find another trackball that comes close.This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By trackball explorer 1.0 to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Skip to main content. Device downloads. For software and drivers, select your product from the list below. Trackball Explorer.


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