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Type: Driver
File Name: sony_vpcl116fx_67037.zip
File Size: 33.3 MB
32 (4.14)
Downloads: 22
Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Other
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The format ting proc ess will be co mplete d more quickl y if you se sony vpcl116fx Q uick For mat in F orm at opti ons. It may take time to forma t "Memor y St ick" dep ending o n the medi a type. Notes on Using "Memor y Stick".

Sony VPCL116FX Manuals

H owe vern ot all "M emor y Stick" sony vpcl116fx guaranteed of compati bility. Use "M emor y Stick" with the. Ac cording ly"Memor y Stick" with suc h copyrighted data can b e us ed only. Improper inser tion of the media may damage both your.


Using the SD Memor y Card. Your co mputer is eq uipped wit h an SD sony vpcl116fx card sl ot. Yo u can u se sony vpcl116fx slot t o transfe r data among digital c amer as.

Before you use the S D memory card. The SD memory card slot on y our co mputer supp orts the f ollowi ng sony vpcl116fx ry card s:.

Do not force the car d into sony vpcl116fx slot. If the SD mem ory card does n ot go into the slot easilyremo ve it gent ly and veri fy you are in serti ng it in t he proper dir ectio n. The SD memor y card icon will appe ar in the Comp uter windo w after you ins ert the card into t he slot.

argus dc10compatible upgrades
dexdriveDownload Sony VPCL116FX/B User's Guide
i915p 915gcompatible upgrades

To remove an SD memory ca rd. The SD memor y card ejec ts. Notes sony vpcl116fx Using Memor y Cards.


Gene ral not es on us ing th e memo ry car d. T o av oid. Do not force it in sony vpcl116fx ou t of the s lot. If you do, y ou may lose data. Notes on using the SD memory card.


Howe ver. Using the Inter ne t. The fol lowin g types o f Inter net co nnection servic es m sony vpcl116fx be a vailabl e from y our ISP:. For deta iled i nformati on on d evices required f or Inte rnet acces s and how to con nect your compute r to th e Interne t, ask yo ur. When you connect yo ur compute r to the Interne t, be sure to t ake appro priate securi ty measures to p rotect the compu ter again st o nline t hreats. For th e detail ed inst ructio ns on conn ection setups an d mo dem config uration. Con nect one en d. Y ou can co nnect you r computer t o any netwo rk witho ut changin g the defa ult sett ings.

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Do not pl ug a telephon e cable into the netw ork LAN p ort on your compu ter. If the ne twork LAN port is co nnected to one of the telep hone lin es menti oned belo w, high electr ic current to the port may cau s e dam ageoverhe atin g. Using the Wir eless LAN. You can commu nicat e without an acces s point, whi ch mea ns that you can co mmunicat e wit h a limited number of c ompute rs. Or you can com municate throu gh an acc ess point, wh ich a llows you to create a full inf rastructu re net work. To use t he sony vpcl116fx LA N function. The IEE E To ac cess th is on- scre en guid e:.

In som e countri es, usi ng WLAN p roducts m ay be sony vpcl116fx tricted by the local reg ulations e.Find support information for VPCLFX. Troubleshoot a Wireless LAN Connection Issue on a VAIO PC · How to access the computer BIOS, and if necessary. The VAIO L VPCLFX/B 24" All-in-One Touch Screen Desktop Computer from Sony is a large-screen all-in-one computer with an intuitive touchscreen interface. The system's 24" widescreen display features a Full p resolution and full support for multi-touch input.

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