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Any suggestions"import oracle. However, I still get the following error.

JDBC adapter for Oracle 8i & Oracle 9i Database

Why can't it find the jdbc driver, since it finds the import statement? ClassNotFoundException: oracle. This description mirrors the structure of the OTN-Web site at the time this document was written. And Tomcat uses multiple threads to handle concurrent requests. Here is an example of the oracle8i jdbc of events which could cause oracle8i jdbc error in Tomcat:. Here is an example of properly written code to use a database connection obtained from a connection pool:.

Please note that although the above instructions place the JNDI declarations in a Context element, it is possible and sometimes desirable to place these declarations in the GlobalNamingResources section of the server configuration file. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with oracle8i jdbc hassle. Experts Exchange.

Context configuration In a similar manner to the mysql config above, you will need to define your Datasource in your Context. Resource configuration You have two choices here: define a oracle8i jdbc that is shared across all Tomcat applications, or define a datasource specifically for one application. Shared resource configuration Use this option if you oracle8i jdbc to define a datasource that is shared across multiple Tomcat applications, or if you just prefer defining your datasource in this file. Oracle 8i with OCI client.

JDBC adapter for Oracle 8i & Oracle 9i Database

The code hangs when it attempts to create a connection. I have been able to connect to the database and perform the necessary query in a standalone application to ensure that I actually can connect. VTWApp ; tst. I figured out the issue In the server. If not, something is wrong and you may wish to roll back this configuration process or reinstall. If you received the data on the server's monitor, then you were able to establish a local connection. Finally, you need to test the ability to access the default database remotely using the oracle8i jdbc driver from a client platform.


You can run this test from any machine your development machine for example that has subnetwork access to the server hosting Oracle8, because of the thin driver's location transparency. Note: with the thin driver this sid is not the same as the tnsname. The schema used will be the default schema for the user scott. You should ensure that you respect the element ordering defined by the DTD when you create you applications web. You can use the same example application as above assuming you create the required DB instance, tables oracle8i jdbc.

Oracle: Error when connecting to Oracle 8i : DbVis Software

Submit a request. Sign in. JDBC-Thin driver cannot be used with nls usernames that contain 8 bit characters in which the highest order bit is set. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Creating a system for featuring oracle8i jdbc.

Oracle 8i jdbc/Tomcat connection issues /

Batching Updates does for data headed toward the database what prefetching does for data coming from it. Specifying Column Types gets around an inefficiency in the usual JDBC protocol for performing and returning the results of queries. Standard JDBC receives the result sets of queries one row at a time. Each oracle8i jdbc costs a round trip to the database.

This feature associates with each statement object an integer called its row prefetch setting. JDBC fetches that number of rows at a time from result sets associated with the statement. Use OracleStatement. If you use the form of getConnection that takes a Properties object as an argument, oracle8i jdbc can set the connection's default row prefetch value that way.


If you do not set a default row prefetch value for a connection, DefaultRowPrefetch, its default row prefetch value is For more information, see Features Not Implemented.Oracle8i JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference Release 3 Oracle8i jdbc of the Oracle JDBC Drivers · Common Stored Procedure Calls in JDBC Programs. JDBC KPRB 8i: Server side JDBC for use oracle8i jdbc Java Stored procedures or by Java CORBA objects running in Oracle 8i.

Please refer to the documentation for.

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