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I-O Data LCD-USB10XB-T monitor specifications

Completed listings. By touching the screen directly with the supplied stylus or a finger, you can also intuitive such as games and painting software.

Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. Acrylic resin films, polypropylene resin films, cycloolefin resin films, and on both sides of at least one of the substrate film is selected from a polyester resin film having an easy adhesion layer, of the easy adhesion layer at least one of in the hard coat film hard coat layer is laminated on the surface, a polyester resin is the easy adhesion layer contains at least one selected from acrylic resins and urethane resins, and the hard coat layer, an active energy hard coat film characterized by containing a line-curable isocyanurate lcd usb10xb t.


Lcd usb10xb t coat film according to the 1, wherein the substrate film is characterized in that it is a polyester resin film. The hard coat film described in 1 or 2, wherein the adhesive layer is characterized by comprising a polyester resin.

The polyester resin of the adhesive layer comprises two components of the polyester resin X Yand wherein the said polyester resin X and the Y contains the respective following acid as the acid component the hard coat film described in any one of Polyester resin X : including Sodiumu-sulfonate isophthalic acid in the acid component. Polyester resin Y : including trimellitic acid to the acid component. The hard coat layer contains an active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivative A and other than isocyanurate derivatives radiation-curable resin Bsaid the active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivative of A content mass ratio of the active energy ray-curable resin other than the isocyanurate derivative B is to hard coat film according to any one of 1 to 4, wherein the Hard coat film according to any one of 1 to 5, wherein the hard coat layer contains an ultraviolet absorber.

Lcd usb10xb t image display device which comprises a hard coat film according to any one of the A liquid crystal display device including an image display device with a touch panel according to the 7, characterized in that the hard coat film is used according to any one of 1 to 6 components of the touch panel image display device. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a hard coat film which attained blocking and improvement of flexibility after the durability test, and the image display device. The hard coat film of the present invention is an example in the case of using the touch panel. It is a schematic view of the touch panel with a liquid crystal display device. Conductive is a schematic diagram of a hard coat film.

Resistive type is a schematic view of the touch panel. Hereinafter be described in detail embodiments of the present invention, the present invention is not limited thereto. The present inventors have intensive studies with respect to the object, in preventing interlayer adhesion and interference color unevenness of the hard coat layer and the substrate film, the hard coat layer and the adhesive layer provided between the substrate film It was composed of a specific resin composition, further by using an active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivative of the hard coat layer, to control the respective surface energies of the adhesive layer and the hard coat layer, adhesive layer and the hard coat by which a layer to lcd usb10xb t a state of low affinity, good performance may be obtained blocking resistance after the durability test, by further said constituting the hard coat film, elastic after the durability test was also hard coat film There without degradation, in which good flexibility has reached the present invention found that the resulting.

In the case described by combining the active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivatives and active energy ray curable resin other than the isocyanurate derivative is simply referred to as a radiation-curable resin. Active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivatives The active energy ray-curable refers to actinic radiation resin curable through crosslinking reaction or the like by irradiation such as ultraviolet light or electron beam, specifically a resin having an ethylenically unsaturated group. The active energy ray-curable isocyanurate derivatives, may be a compound having one or more ethylenically unsaturated lcd usb10xb t is bonded structure isocyanuric acid skeleton is not particularly limited, by the following general formula 1 compounds having three or more ethylenically unsaturated groups and one or more isocyanurate rings in the same molecule represented is preferable in view of targeted effects of the present invention.

Type of ethylenically unsaturated groups is an acryloyl group, a methacryloyl group, a styryl group, a vinyl ether group, more preferably a methacryloyl group or an acryloyl group, particularly preferably an acryloyl group. Wherein L 2 is a divalent linking group is preferably a substituted or unsubstituted alkylene group having 4 carbon atoms or less, or polyalkyleneoxy group having a carbon atom in the isocyanurate ring is attached, particularly preferably an alkylene group, or different from each other were respectively the same.


Of course, it can serve as an additional monitor, such as widgets. Turn off email alerts.

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Field of view: As is known, LCD display with limited viewing angle. When providing two or more layers, the thickness of the hard coat layer in contact with the cellulose ester film is preferably in the range lcd usb10xb t 0.

Lcd Usb10xb T Mountain Lion

Two or more layers of the lcd usb10xb t may be formed by simultaneous multilayer.I-O Data LCD-USB10XB-T monitors technical specifications database. IO-Data will releases in early August the LCD-USB10XB-T inch LCD secondary display (sub-display). The inch display features.

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